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About Us


is a reliable distributor and service provider of Hydraulic / Lubrication Systems, Components, Actuators and Filtration, Plate Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Scrap Surface Heat Exchangers, Tubular Heat Exchangers,   guaranteeing adequate spare parts and full after sales service support. HTI team is composed of engineers with strong technical experience and understanding of the industries it serves.

What We Do:

  1. Repair of following hydraulic / lubrication components:
    • Hydraulic / lubrication pump (Gear, Piston, Vane, Axial, etc).
    • Hydraulic motor.
    • Control valves & manifold blocks (Directional, Relief, etc).
    • Hydraulic cylinders and actuators.
  2. Design and fabrication of customized hydraulic power unit.
  3. Lubrication and hydraulic pipe system flushing and chemical pickling.
  4. Failure and damage analysis of hydraulic system.
  5. Trainings and seminar.

Vision Statement:

"Our Vision is to be the leading hydraulic / lubrication, filtration products and service provider in the Philippines"

Mission Statement: 

"We are committed to consistently meet quality expectations of our customer and provide the best technical and cost effective solutions for Hydraulics and Lubrications"

System Flushing and Offline Filtration - System flushing removes all contaminants, sludges and particles on pipelines, gearboxes cylinders and accumulators. Flushing Unit and Filtration Compact skid Unit. 

Various Hydraulic Piping Works and Repairs - Various Piping Works such as installation of piping for grease Lubrication, Installation or Modification of Hydraulic Pipe in Accordance with the specification or design.

Hydraulic Pump Inspections and Repairs -  Repair all types of hydraulic pump for any applications, an type and make whether on site repair or pick-up, best result is guaranteed through bench testing for volume flow and efficiency.

Hydraulic Cylinders and Oil Cooler Cleaning and Repair -  repair all sizes of hydraulic clyilnders for any applications. Also offers honing and chroming services. all clylinders for any applications. Also offers honing and chroming services. All cylinders undergo hydrostatic testing for guaranteed performance and efficiency. 

Cleaning of Oil Coolers - repair and reconditioning of various oil coolers for any applications. 

Hydrautechnik, Inc. - offers equipment installation, design, fabrication, commissioning, piping and welding  works and all mechanical services related to hydraulic, lubrication components and filtration systems. Your Hydraulic Technology and Service Partner!